balanced precariously
on a thin line between a brick wall and a shrub,
is where you will find colibri.

wavering from raw untamed nature
to inner city grime.
from b-boy to shaman,
graffiti art to cave paintings,
djs spinning records to drum circles.
living in a realm between dream state
and waking reality.

serving as a vessel.
a translator.
a bridge from the ethereal dimension of imagination
to the tangible existence
of our everyday lives.

*colibri loves you*

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First Sketchbook update of 2010

i'm workin in 2 books right now.  i do that sometimes and it makes me feel like i have a split personality.  i got a new brown paper book but decided i didn't like having brown paper all the time.  so i found a nice little book with watercolor type paper and had to get it.