balanced precariously
on a thin line between a brick wall and a shrub,
is where you will find colibri.

wavering from raw untamed nature
to inner city grime.
from b-boy to shaman,
graffiti art to cave paintings,
djs spinning records to drum circles.
living in a realm between dream state
and waking reality.

serving as a vessel.
a translator.
a bridge from the ethereal dimension of imagination
to the tangible existence
of our everyday lives.

*colibri loves you*

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Last Thursday on Alberta Street

For this month's last Thursday I will have some work on display along side some of my favorite pdx artists at:

the Alleyway bar n cafe
2415 NE Alberta St

Come show some love!


David Reyes said...

haha I love her red stripped black sox. Wished I could this in person.

I wanted to take a road trip with enrique out there but now that hes a family man don't think thats going to happen.

TWO said...

i like where this is going. I'm a big fan of bright red. I think this is my favorite of your work yet

*colibri* said...

thanks guys. :) i appreciate the homie support. ;)