balanced precariously
on a thin line between a brick wall and a shrub,
is where you will find colibri.

wavering from raw untamed nature
to inner city grime.
from b-boy to shaman,
graffiti art to cave paintings,
djs spinning records to drum circles.
living in a realm between dream state
and waking reality.

serving as a vessel.
a translator.
a bridge from the ethereal dimension of imagination
to the tangible existence
of our everyday lives.

*colibri loves you*

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First Sketchbook update of 2010

i'm workin in 2 books right now.  i do that sometimes and it makes me feel like i have a split personality.  i got a new brown paper book but decided i didn't like having brown paper all the time.  so i found a nice little book with watercolor type paper and had to get it.  


mika said...

i want your brown paper sketchbook i looking for this one for so long time

*colibri* said...

aw! yeah, i know they are surprisingly hard to find sometimes. my favorite local art supply store that has EVERYTHING but not the brown paper sketchbooks. Utrecht has them though, you could probably order one online. :) I got mine at Powell's book store.

Good Luck!

Mary Kelly said...


thumbs up for staying productive ^_^

Anonymous said...

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